Dan Lubbers is a Full stack web developer with 17+ years of experience photographing and retouching in the studio commercial, editorial and outdoor gear industries. Collaborated with highly satisfied clients to meet their exact needs and exceed expectations.

Dan got his start with Extreme Sports Photography when he was the sole photographer on the La Sportiva Solutions Climbing Tour in 2007. Dan went on to work in Amazon's Largest Photo Studio as a Digital Technician, Retoucher & Photographer for the Jewelry and Watch department. He was the lead retoucher for the 2018 AD campaign for Tempurpedic. Wanting to add more to his career and an interest in Web Development led him to Utah, to take a 3 month intensive Full Stack Bootcamp at DevMountain . After graduating DevMountain, Dan moved to Upstate NY where he found AlbanyCanCode and was able to refine his Javascript skills even further. In May 2020, Dan was contracted as a Front-End React Software Engineer with a small team building an end-to-end app for a Healthcare Company called Psī. In 2022, Dan worked on his personal data from Ōura Ring, ( a healthcare tracking device) combining his Ōura data with additional external data to personalize his own metrics for optimal health balance for sleep. In Nov. 2022, Dan joined a new startup, "Existential Engineering."

Psychology | Meditation | Yoga | BreathWork | Photography | Retouching | Backpacking | Hiking | Snowshoeing | Cortados | Asian Food

"Life is too short not to create something with every breath we draw." ~ Maynard James Keenan